Welcome To Wollongong Podiatry

Specialists in lower limb biomechanics: for the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and pain. 


Wollongong Podiatry is the Illawarra's most advanced Podiatry clinic and has been providing podiatry services to the region for over 30 years.


Owner Tim Bransdon, along with Wollongong Podiatry colleagues Carissa McMahon, Brianna Hargreaves and Tim Pargeter, combine to provide an unrivalled wealth of podiatry experience to the Illawarra region and technology not seen elsewhere on the South Coast.


Wollongong Podiatry focuses on all aspects of podiatry care but their commitment to using the latest digital gait and posture analysis equipment provides a whole body approach and analysis of patients, to ensure the most comprehensive and effective treatment for you.


Wollongong Podiatry uses a unique combination of foot mobilisation, acupuncture, dry needling, manual therapy, home treatment by the patient, and comfortable effective orthotics (when needed) to get you back on your feet.  


Wollongong Podiatry's professional, approachable and friendly clinic can assist with all foot and lower limb pain, from sports injuries and paediatric podiatry; to diabetes, ingrown toenails, and arthritic foot complaints.

Wollongong Podiatry is also headquarters for The Running Lab, providing One-on-One (in clinic), Day Clinic (group) and Online running tuition.  The Running Lab aims to curb the horrendous injury rate amongst runners by reversing the damage sitting and destructive footwear is causing you; improving your strength and posture both when exercising and the rest of the day ("It is the 23 hours each day you are not running that causes most of your injuries" - Tim); and using a carefully programmed selection of drills and drill progressions to dramatically improve your running technique and efficiency.


Wollongong Podiatry prides itself on offering more than other Podiatry Clinics: more assessment; more technology; more treatment options; more patient education; and ultimately, more healthy, happy feet.


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