About Us

Wollongong Podiatry is the Illawarra's most advanced Podiatry clinic and has been providing podiatry services to the region for over 25 years.

Owner Tim Bransdon provides a wealth of podiatry experience to the Illawarra region and technology not previously seen on the South Coast.


Wollongong Podiatry is also headquarters for The Running Lab, providing One-on-One (in clinic), Day Clinic (group) and Online RUNNING tuition.  The Running Lab aims to curb the horrendous injury rate amongst runners by reversing the damage sitting and destructive footwear is causing you; improving your strength and posture both when exercising and the rest of the day ("It is the 23 hours each day you are not running that causes most of your injuries" - Tim); and using a carefully programmed selection of drills and drill progressions to dramatically improve your running technique and efficiency.


The Running Lab (website)


Tim Bransdon

Tim grew up and completed his Podiatry degree in Sydney in 2001.  Following a 3 year sabbatical working in the National Health System in the UK, Tim moved back to Australia and set up home on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. Here, Tim was a business partner in a large Podiatry practice.  As part of this business Tim developed and ran a specialised Sports and Biomechanical Clinic, which focused on providing the most comprehensive and technologically advanced gait and posture assessment in the region.  Now Tim and his wife have moved back south to where he spent a good deal of his youth, Wollongong.

Tim has always been heavily involved in sport; a swimmer for 14 years, cricketer for 10 years, rugby league and rugby union player for 18 years, and any other sport he could fit in between.


Tim's love of sport has taken him as far abroad as England, Ireland and Dubai for rugby, and the Caribbean for cricket.  It has also enabled him to play with teams including the Western Suburbs Magpies, Australian Universities Rugby Union Team, West Harbour and Parramatta Premier Rugby Teams in NSW, and the Sunshine Coast Premier Rugby Team in Qld.


This love of sport lead Tim into a career involving human movement and biomechanics.  The study of people in motion is a particular passion of Tim's - prompt him with a simple question and be prepared to sit down for a bombardment of the good, the bad and the ugly of the way us humans move.


Tim's philosophy is that if we move with more efficiency we will perform better in life and have less aches, pains and injuries.  Performing better in life accounts for everything from sporting pursuits to kicking a ball down the park with your children.