Orthotic Therapy

Orthotics are traditionally made to alter the function of feet and legs.  Unfortunately most people who have been prescribed orthotics are wearing them without any rehabilitation and re-strengthening plan to one day not need orthotics.


If you are made orthotics for having weak, flat, fallen, collapsing arches, there are 20 muscles within each foot that can, if trained, support your arch.


It takes a good deal of time to strengthen our feet but I, along with many of my patients, are living proof that orthotics are not needed indefinitely if you address the root cause of your foot dysfunction.


Orthotics can be detrimental when prescribed incorrectly, as is too often the case.  


Orthotics need to allow for natural foot movement.  If your current orthotics are not comfortable it is usually due to a failure to meet these requirements.


When orthotics are necessary, you need to know why you are getting them.  Our assessment process involves postural video analysis of you standing, walking, and running when required.  This is used to visually show what has caused, or is contributing to, your pain; and what the orthotics will do to help this.  We will spend as much time as required in this process to ensure a thorough understanding by you.


Despite the short term benefits of relieving stress on injured structures within the feet, legs, knees, hips and back, orthotics should be seen as a tool to allow someone to continue to exercise as pain free as possible, whilst the root cause of the problem (usually, weak feet) is addressed.


The overall aim has to be...


...strong, healthy feet.