Footwear: The Real Facts

We do NOT need SUPPORT from shoes. We have 33 joints in each of our feet, supported by 20 internal foot muscles and 13 external leg muscles. The more artificial support your shoes have the less support your own body provides. Over time this leads to weakness, dysfunction and increased dependence on footwear for support



Save your children’s feet ... 

Putting rigid supportive school shoes on healthy Children’s feet is the same as putting plaster casts on their healthy arms

Consider this … 

The widest part of  healthy feet are the toes. Toes that spread provide balance, stability and propulsion in the same way spreading your fingers in a push up or to open a tight jar give more balance and strength. Why then are nearly all athletic shoes shaped like a triangle at the toes, preventing your toes from spreading?? 

Unfortunately, even athletic shoes are made and bought based on how they look more than how good they are for you. All shoes should be “foot shaped”, just like gloves are “hand shaped”. (But no I do not mean you have to buy the Vibram Fivefinger glove like shoes)