Heel Pain

Do you dread putting your foot on the ground in the morning? Are you scared to pee in the middle of the night due to heel pain? Have you been told to roll your foot on a frozen water bottle?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, read on ...


Ice + Stretching will NOT cure your Heel Pain

In fact, heat is the best way to begin fixing your heel pain. Try it right now. Grab a warm wheat bag and rest your foot on it while watching TV, or checking your emails, or at the office. Apply the wheat bag as often as possible, for as long as possible

Here is what is wrong with traditional Heel Pain treatment…

Many heel pain sufferers are told the cause is “flat feet” ... But your “flat feet” that “pronate too much” have survived tens of millions of steps before getting pain. Surely foot shape is not to blame. Besides, changing foot shape sounds like you will need plastic surgery

Traditional heel pain treatment rarely addresses the underlying weakness, poor coordination and lack of spring demonstrated in almost all heel pain cases we work with. Rebuilding your feet to be balanced, strong and powerful is the key to truly beating heel pain