The Running Lab

Situated within Wollongong Podiatry’s clinic walls is the famous Running Lab. Born out of necessity ... Perfected out of passion ... The Running Lab is your ticket to better running performance and less injury

A simple 5k run is 5000+ impacts with the ground. These repeated impacts cause a wrath of crushing injuries for many runners. The Running Lab system is not about reinventing running ... it is about making each of the 5000+ steps in your next 5k LIGHTER ... SMOOTHER ... and more POWERFUL


Changing your “foot strike” will not cure running related injuries ... The latest high tech running shoes will not make you a better runner ... Training the SKILL of running to improve Efficiency and Performance will transform you to a graceful yet powerful running machine. Picture the runner who appears to glide along seemingly effortless ... Like they are floating above the ground ... That is what we teach at The Running Lab